Budget and Finance

One of the primary functions of the RLCC Board is to establish a balanced annual budget and to ensure fiscal responsibility. A great deal of time and effort go into developing a realistic annual budget that serves the community and plans for the future.

We rely primarily on our constituency fees. As such, we limit spending only to essential goods, services and events that will benefit the community, and those that are reasonable and responsible. Questions about our budget can be raised at our bimonthly general meetings or directed to our Treasurer.

2023 Budget

RLCC Budget 2023.pdf

2021 Audit Report

Rainbow Lakes Community Club 2021 Audit Report.pdf

2022 Budget

2022 RLCC Budget.pdf

Full 2022 Budget

2021 Budget

rlcc budget 2021.pdf

Full 2021 Budget

Revised Beach Budget .pdf

Beach Budget Revised 7/2021

Past Budgets and Financial Data

2020 RLCC Budget.pdf
2019 RLCC Budget.pdf
2018 RLCC Budget.pdf
2017 Budget.pdf
2015 RLCC Budget.pdf
2014 RLCC Budget.pdf