The Rainbow Lakes Community Club Board of Trustees is a dedicated team of volunteers. 

No Trustee receives a salary for their public service to our community. 

Contact any Trustee if you are interested in serving on the Board.


General and Trustee meetings are held on alternate months on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. All constituents in good standing are invited to attend. Residents who are not in good standing are not allowed to participate in any way.

If a meeting were to fall on a legal holiday or be cancelled for any reason, that meeting is postponed one week.

Agendas will be published on the website before each meeting and posted on the official Facebook page in a timely fashion. 

Minutes are read for approval at General Meetings; they will be available at every General meeting and will be kept in a notebook which will be  available at General Meetings.

2023 RLCC Board of Trustees

President, Charlie Damian

Vice President, Tom Tufaro

Secretary, Phil Christofalo

Treasurer, Lois Palio

Athletics, Charlie Engfer

Beach and Waterfront, Bridgette Sakar

Bow Bar, Mike Seredvick

Clubhouse Maintenance, Carolyn Davies

Clubhouse Rentals, Dave Miller

General Events, OPEN

General Maintenance, OPEN

Insurance, Lauren Hansch

Lakes and Dams, Shelly DeMartino

Constituents and Welcoming, Michael Tracy

Public Information/OTR, Kim Condurso

Security, Matt Larocca